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Secure Access Solution

Organizations are changing the way they deploy access networks, connect devices, and enable business applications to address a number of challenges:

  • The number and types of network-connected wireless devices and mobile applications continue to grow exponentially, presenting new vulnerabilities and increasing the attack surface.
  • Users want fast Wi-Fi and a smooth experience across wired and wireless networks.
  • IT needs reduced complexity of network management, application management, and device management.

Securing business communications, personal information, financial transactions, and mobile devices involves much more than network access control. It requires scanning for malware, preventing access to malicious websites, endpoint integrity checking, and controlling application usage. Typical Wi-Fi solutions do not satisfy these requirements. Fortinet has a unique approach that addresses the shortcomings of other Wi-Fi offerings. Their secure access portfolio provides the most flexible security platform with end-to-end enforcement.


Access Points

  • FAP-21D-E 60% off 
  • FAP-221C-E 60% off
  • FAP-222C-E 60% off
  • FAP-24D-E 60% off
  • FAP-320C-E 60% off
  • FAP-321C-E 60% off


  • FS-108D-POE 50% off
  • FS-124D-POE 50% off
  • FS-224D-FPOE 50% off
  • FS-248D-FPOE 50% off


  • FWF-30E-BDL 60% off
  • FWF-50E-BDL 60% off
  • FWF-50E-2R-BDL 60% off
  • FWF-60D-BDL 60% off
  • FWF-60D-POE-BDL 60% off
  • FWF-60E-BDL 60% off
  • FWF-90D-BDL 60% off
  • FWF-90D-POE-BDL 60% off